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The welded permanent flashing provides a waterproof seal between the pedestal and roof curb, discouraging leaks, roof membrane and structural damage.

ElectraPort Installation Instructions

The ElectraPort is designed to be a means for Power and Control wiring to pass through the roof in a water proof enclosure, as well as a post for mounting an electrical disconnect that serves a piece of Roof Top Equipment. A 110 volt power outlet Module may be added on top of the ElectraPort if needed. A step down transformer (field supplied) can be mounted on a piece of channel fastened to the brackets provided on the ElectraPort.

"The integrity of the enclosure should not be altered or changed in the field by any means."

  1. The following steps should be followed when installing the ElectraPort.
  2. Install a roof curb provided with the ElectraPort (the curb should be ordered for the type of roof being used).
  3. Install the self adhesive ¼" thick by 1-1/2" wide gasket on top of the roof curb.
  4. Slide the ElectraPort chassis through the top of the roof curb, let the chassis slide down until the flashing sets level on top of the roof curb.
  5. Insert the ¼" lag screws provided through the holes in the flashing and screw into the roof curb.
  6. Remove the bottom panel below the roof and the access door on the side of the ElectraPort for wiring.
  7. Remove the top mounted 110 volt module for wiring if used.
  8. Cut holes in chassis using a hole saw or punch set.
  9. All holes above roof have to have water proof type connectors and fittings.
  10. Mount disconnects on ElectraPort using the provided mounting brackets.
  11. Channels may be field provided if needed.
  12. Step down transformers may be mounted on the same channels if required.
  13. Direct mounting may be used provided the mounting screws are used that are furnished with the ElectraPort, also a water proof nipple or connector must be used between the disconnect and the ElectraPort ( Field Supplied).
  14. Run power and Control wiring from ElectraPort to Roof Top Equipment using water proof flexible conduit and fittings.
  15. Be sure to connect an equipment ground to the grounding lug provided.
  16. Be sure that all provided panels access door and screws are in place before completing installation.
  17. This completes the installation.
  18. If the optional 110 volt power module is used, it can be mounted at this time.
  19. The optional 110 volt module is provided with a fuse block inside so as to provide protection for the 110 volt receptacle.
  20. The fuse block is then field wired from the power panel that is field provided for the equipment.
  21. Please make sure that the installation complies with all local codes.

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