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Imperial Metals, started in 1984, has specialized in manufacturing custom curb adapters and other roof accessories nationwide for more than 25 years.

Over time, many traditional HVAC contractors have maintained their own sheet metal fabrication facilities. Today, Imperial Metals can relieve you of the expense of maintaining or replacing old equipment. With Imperial Metals as your supplier of welded duct and HVAC ductwork, you can concentrate on what you do best: installation and project management.

Imperial Metals can reduce your overhead. Many HVAC facilities never run at 100% capacity yet put a drain on maintenance and utility costs 100% of the time. Save money on stock and inventory, with Imperial Metals as your sheet metal ductwork supplier.

Imperial Metals produces HVAC duct and fittings you can rely on. At Imperial Metals, we have a one year guarantee our HVAC duct and fittings. With a 30,000 square foot manufacturing facility, our state-of-the-art equipment, and skilled workforce, Imperial Metals can accommodate jobs of any size.

To learn more about how we can save you time and money by handling all of your sheet metal fabrication and curb adapter requirements, contact us today.